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About Us

Askcamer is a plat form created to promote open education, open access and open software.

Question is one of the best way to bring like minded people together through open access. Questions are very important when we want to get results or solutions.   Questions help us:

-grow our knowledge

-get our dream jobs,

-Realize our dreams

-Reach people with similar thoughts,

-In decision making and more.

We noticed many Africans ask questions with little or no solution coming forth .

Ask Cameroon is created to address the need of for any answer about the Africa continent. It will equally give room for African to interact. We believe that the best solutions to the problems faced by Africans and the human race in general will come only when we ask questions.

Our website will focus on questioning. With this many voices will be heard,

Solutions will be obtained coupled with others.

Through questioning people will be able to share the knowledge they have in their heads providing individuals and enterprises better options to consider.

We invite everyone to contribute to the growth of knowledge in Africa geared towards the improvement of the Africa continent.

Our plat form inn the future will make courses available, ebooks and other learning materials available to members of our community.


Why Question and Answer?

Knowledge is power and at the same time knowledge is wealth. Questions provide information and create a bond between the person who ask the question and the person who provides the right solution. Thus questions can build a spirit of unity which i believe is lacking in many African communities.


Our mission is to make the world knowledge available to everyone at little or no cost    to African.  Through questioning more information about Africans and their activities will be available on the web.  We want to create a community where ideas By and about Africans can be gotten online.

Open education and Open Access is vital for the following categories of people.

  1. People who cannot pay fees to have access to formal education
  2. Curious people who wants to know more
  3.  People looking for new/innovative ideas to work on.

 Who can use/ ask Question on ASK Cameroon?

Anyone can join the community.

You can sign up on our site as an individual or company.

Our site is a good place for companies to make part of their objectives achieved especially on problems that require participation from the public.

For all inquiries email: