why are aglophone teachers in Cameroon on strike?

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  1. 1. Our children who pass the GCE with quality grades cannot enter professional schools of their choice, while those who perform poorly fill all the spaces. . 2. Francophones outnumber Anglophones in the professional schools in Anglophone Universities of Buea and Bamenda by a ratio of up to 90:10% in HTTTC Kumba, 90:10% in Medical School in Buea, 80:20% in HTTTC Bamenda whereas there are no Anglophones in these schools in Francophone Universities. . 3. Anglophones who apply to read medicine are usually sent to Francophone universities, where operating becomes a serious challenge, and since they cannot cope, they give up. . 4. As a result of this policy of discrimination and marginalization, government does not train Anglophone technical teachers, and even the few Anglophones who are trained are sent to work in Francophone areas. . 5. Government continues to send Francophones who do not master English to teach in Anglophone schools. The teachers teach in broken English, thereby confusing the students. As a result, many do not perform well in their final examinations. . 6. The Universities of Buea and Bamenda have been francophonized and admissions into key faculties have been taken to Yaounde so that admission lists can be doctored. . 7. Our children are compelled to write CAP, Probatoire and Baccalaureate in technical schools, with a tradition of poorly translated questions and massive failures on their part. Qualifications into professional schools and the universities, what a mockery to our certificates! . 8. Our children who graduate from the university cannot get jobs; they have become bike riders and call-box operators and sim card vendors. . 9. Lay private and confessional schools are doing so much to educative our children, but receive little or no subvention from Government. Even Religious Studies is mocked as a requirement for admission. . 10. That the election and appointment of authorities of the Anglo-Saxon Universities of Bamenda and Buea should be in strict compliance of Anglo-Saxon norms. . 11. The 1998 Law on the Orientation of education in Cameroon provides for the creation of an Education Board, but we are asking for separate boards which can address the needs of each subsystem.
    Refernce: http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/item/7341-anglophone-cameroon-11-reasons-why-teachers-are-on-strike

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