Cameoon: What a country and Disasters


What a country? What a disaster for a country? I use to say I am proud to be a Cameroonian until I grew up. Our teachers taught us patriotism and have always encouraged us to stay in and contribute to nation building. In which country where everything is in confusion? A hybrid of French and Anglophone policies in which only noise is made?

What happened to meritocracy? The brains of the nation are either threatened n killed down or pushed out of the country by the very poor economic and political decisions.
what can Cameroon boast of? Is it a good skul, good hospital, good road or people with a conscience?

The truth is even with the unchecked delivery of driving license, our very poor paths in the name of roads are killing uncountable Cameroonians. We are fighting malaria, HIV, tuberculosis and the rest but we seem to have failed in road safety. The police checkpoints are terribly corrupt (I mean this is a body in Cameroon where corruption is legal and the said anticorruption body exist. I travel practically every week and I weep bitterly when I see the type of controls on the our roads.. I HAVE NEVER MET A SINCERE AND INCORRUPTIBLE POLICE MAN. They control not to put things in order but for the sole purpose of 500frs (Donne ma part).

We have been made use to all the wrong things and steps that it has become more than difficult for us and our leaders to retrace. We are boasting of female CAN organization without any road… Have we estimated how many our bad roads will take?
We mourn for over 70 people who are dead n over 600 wounded( how many will come out with permanent sequelae? Unable to feed their families in a country where the masses feed from left overs). Major reason: no roads, but a Cameroonian is allowed unchecked n to embezzle 70 billions. What a country? and what a mentality? And where r we heading to?
My friends and close family members are gone and I mourn now not just for them but for a Country with no future. Some are sleeping comfortably in their beds and can fly their families for picnics, when they are sick, and for studies but most of the country can barely feed, not to talk of paying for the bills, their health…

They who know their God shall do great exploits… I belief. Please Cameroonians!!!!!! Arise to consciousness. Let ur actions be justified and contribute for a better tomorrow. The white man is talking about sustainable development goals… Working for a better tomorrow!!! But the truth is in Cameroon, we have plans written out in conferences where people talk about n nothing is done.

I love Cameroon, and wish for a better Cameroon, but when u turn around and see your brother’s mentality, u cry for the children u r bringing up. This is not addressed to a any body but it is for every Cameroonian.
Love bless Cameroon
Atem Bethel

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