How will you solve the problem of unemployment in your country?


Unemployment is a major problem faced in many African communities. How will you as an individual help in solving this problem in your country?

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  1. Such question is vague as it doesn’t specify if it is based on personal abilities or as a nation. Nonetheless, I will tackle it on personal viewpoint, leaving the national viewpoint to myself for now.

    Unemployment is choice, the beat boss over you is no one but you. What makes you think you must be employed by someone? What makes you depend on a job to give you joy? Jobs today brings little or no satisfaction. So what is the answer to that question?

    Education! You’d wonder what education, of course not the conventional or formal type of education. But financial education and sensitisation and motivation to apply the received or perceived education. That’s what we need.

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  2. I think we the youths should not look for jobs any more we have to create jobs ourselves and employ others.
    entrepreneurship is the key.
    Invest in what you knw best and not wht pole tell you to do or what you see pple doing.
    Any idea you have can make you fortunes just manage and implement it well.

    • Wow Louis. I think you made me think of something worth sharing here.
      If parents allow children to make their choices then this will work well.
      Many students especially in Cameroon go study what dad or mum said.
      This makes it difficult for them to think out of the box.
      But Louis, You did not tell us how you will do it .

    • for sure ” entrepreneurship is the key”.

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