Please can you help me with the transfer list of secodary school teachers in Cameroon?


I was informed there is a list of teachers that had been transfered. Please i will be grateful if you can be of help. Thank you ver much

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  1. The Minister of secondary eduaction in Cameroon published a list of teachers and other Minesec workers who had been trasfered from one post of duty to another. Many workers were transfered from the delegation to schools . many people called it a swap not an actual trasnfer.
    The list was published according to regions(regional transfer). I have attached the list to be downloaded above. If you cannot find your region, kindly leave a comment and i will update it . For the main time. i have Littoral,Centre , North west and South West region uploaded.
    Download here


    Thank you and have a wonderful day. Welcome to ASK Cameroon. ask and we will answer.

  2. What about the center and south regions?

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