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What is the advantage of using Cascading Style sheet over an internal style sheet??

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  1. Hey guy, first you must knows that the css if for the front end developpment on a web page/site. There exist 3 type. The inline, internal and external type.
    – The iinline type is use inside the “.html” document in between the … tags. in is used to specify the attibute(s) of a particular tag.
    – The internal type is also used iside the “.html” document in between the … tags. this will help in specifying the attribute(s) of one or more tag(s) of the same type in your content.
    _ Lastly, the external type, this is found in a completely different page and use the tag to be link to a “.html” document. this type came with items like ID, CLASS, DIV and SPAN to help associate identical style to diffent regions in the code. The ID attribute is used for unique elements in the code ex : the … tag.

  2. The advantage of the external CSS over the internal and inline one is that;
    The external CSS i potable
    It can be use to desing websites or pages easily
    Can be easily modified for other purposes

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