What are the subjects done at the advance level in Cameroon?


Hello, I will like to know all the subjects  being studied at the advance level. Providing a classifies list will be of great help to me.

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  1. advanced level involves two series; arts and science, meaning to classify the different subject studied when doing the advance brings us to talk about the subjects thought into the two series.

    in the arts series we have; history, geography, economics, commerce,mathematics, litterature in english and french.

    in the sciences series we have; physics, biology, chemistry,pure mathematics, mathematics.

    then concerning subjects such as; computer, french, religion could be found in the two series depending of the student’s choice.
    it is to be noted that, all those subjects are sub-divided into sub-series. for example; in history we have: world history, africa history and cameroon history.
    i hope i have brought some help to the person in need.

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