What is the swisscoin


Many people are talking to me about swisscoin. Please can someone really expalin to me what it is all about?

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  1. Swisscoin is a business and an MLM program at the sme time.
    SWISSCOIN is the future alternative to BITCOINS.
    many missed away the opportunity when BITCOINS was launched in 2009. Now BITCOINS have turned many people who gave it a try Millionaires and Billionaires.
    When bitcoins started it was at 0.003$ per coin
    Today 1bitcoin worth ranges between 560$-750$
    Now another great opportunity is knocking at your door which is SWISSCOIN don’t say you didn’t see this
    SWISSCOIN – Discovery the true power of cryptocurrency.

    Swisscoin value €0.08
    Swisscoin split indicator 45%
    Swisscoin difficulty level 2

    Compensation plan :
    10% direct referral comission
    10% fast start bonus
    2-22% team bonus
    11 generations matching bonus
    1% Diamond bonus pool
    By joining you are offered 100free swisscoins.
    Imagine if you where offered 100bitcoins when it all started in 2009, you should have had 60kdollars right now.
    Don’t miss this opportunity to build history.
    Packages start as from 25€ which include 250 swisscoins plus the 100 swisscoin given for signing up
    Estimated SWISSCOIN value in 2019 is €5 – in 2020 it´s value will probably be 10€. This is just the least estimation
    It is left for you to take risk on leave it and complain when people begin to make millions from their little investment. I have made mine.

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