what is the wheel work system all about?


I came across a network  marketer who spoke to me about the wheel system. whatb exactly is the whell system all about? I will equally like to know its benefits.

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  1. Network marketing is simply about building a system of business where everyone is a boss for themselves because it develops the leadership qualities in its partners.
    The wheel system is a new initiative that have never really existed. It seeks to keep funds circulating within a group such that everyone gets the opportunity to make a fortune out of it.
    wheels have slots, each spot represents a prospective partner who is brought into the system by an existing partner. In this system, everyone is a leader and build your business the way you want, how you want and where you want. It is a business of people making things happen.
    The vision behind the wheel system is to generate residual or passive income to meet the entrepreneurial needs of people.
    You become your business owner.
    And you follow your passion. You don’t work for money rather, money works for you.
    All you need to do is cultivate a vision/goal, get registered, Get a number of people involved, because you rise by lifting others, you will be amazed about the outcome.
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  2. The wheelwork is coined from the network marketing idea but the difference is it uses the wheel system where you have slots to fill with prospective partners.
    it is ideal for visioneers and people with goals especially financial goals as it helps you generate income without being indepted.
    The vision is to help young entrepreneurs generate income to follow their dreams and what they are passionate about. By so doing, provides many with the opportunity of putting in their best in what they love to do and not seeking a job for survival but for the love of it.
    It is a business of people where people empower people, and people rise by pulling others up.
    Everyone is a leader, Everyone is a business owner and Everyone is a winner!
    For more enquiries, contact Joshua Nsima on 674194964 or 698767505.

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