Who are the Anglophones that have been release from prison in Yaounde?


So few months back , i read this post

The argument put forward by the State is that Fontem and Balla have a residence. They have good jobs and are responsible people in the society. So, they can be freed and the rest who do not have the same status as Balla and Fontem should stay in prison. This already tells you that our brothers in prison won’t be released so soon. That’s bad. For these guys to be released, Balla and Fontem should refuse conditional release offered them by the regime. If they do refuse, the government would have no option than to release all of them..Any conditional release would mean that Agbor and Fontem would mean nothing to Southern Cameroons and would pose zero threat to LRC…The moment you breach the conditions of the conditional release or Judicial Supervision clauses you would be sent back to Kondengui

Today, i saw this

BREAKING NEWS!! Head of State stop proceedings and order released ofall those arrested in relation to the anglophone problem. The decree has just been read on radio.

Paul Biya Gives In To Demands Of Anglophones,Orders Release Of Ayah Paul Abine, Agbor Ball And Co

Whao are those actually released?

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