Why is internet too Costly with MTN Cameroon now?


Hello brothers and sisters  i don’t know if what i have been experiencing from the hands of MTN CAM any other person have been passing through.
i wonder if the Company is out to explore Cameroonians or serve Cameroonians, but so far as am concern, MTNCAM is exploring the people of Cameroon and not serving them. See what they are doing to us:

1) You borrow airtime which you must pay back with interest but they impose to you on how to use the airtime, is that correct?

2) You Buy Mega-Bytes (MB) and open just few websites,browse Facebook, browse whats-app and before you know it they are telling you have no MB remaining.

3) When you MB gets finished, they will just start consuming your normal airtime without your permission, is that correct?

4) You make a call and its rings for just about 5 to 10 seconds and they immediately start consuming your air time in the name of voice mail. what if your phone is in your pocket and mistakenly call a person and the call fall to voice mail? what will happen then? meaning even you have but 20k in your phone they will wipe it all out tin the name of voice mail.

5) Now on Mobile money, they now cut charges to transfer money from account to another, for what reason? because the money is still in their mobile money service which must still be consumed by their clients.

6) and many more you can help me name some please its too much with this guys am switching NEXTTEL.

my brothers and sister, we need to bring to Company to order or else they will soon sell us 1MB for 100frs. @Elvis Achu Facenook

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